ARTS is dedicated to collaborating with other like-minded organizations to create a movement behind the importance of arts programming for youth, creative youth development and arts education. We accomplish this through the following:



Through speaking, writing, strategic meetings, and participating in conversations at the local and national level, ARTS leadership is striving to inspire and influence key stakeholders to ensure our collective vision that all children facing adversity have access and the resources needed to engage in the arts is fully realized.

To book ARTS for speeches, appearances, or presentations please contact Dan Buryj 619-297-2787 x2003 or

Support Services

Tools of Engagement

ARTS is not only dedicated to advocating and inspiring others, but to also provide tools and knowledge for individuals, organizations or communities who want to build and strengthen their own youth arts programming.

ARTS can provide assessment, coaching, consulting, and training for:

  • Program design and implementation
  • Operations, infrastructure, systems to support programming
  • Fundraising
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Leveraging resources
  • Leadership, Board, and Professional Development

Pricing is based on a sliding scale depending on the size and scope of the project and organization. Please contact Dan Buryj 619-297-2787 x2003 or