Stephanie Garibay

Alumni Department Assistant & Teaching Artist (Music)

Being at ARTS came hand in hand with the current situations that were occurring in my life at the time and the situations I had gone through within what is now the past 6, 7 years. I was bullied constantly in middle school and associated with the “bad kids” in school. I went into a downwards spiral and became careless with my life and my future. As time passed on, certain habits I developed as a young teen followed me as I got older. But through music, I was able to push myself through it all and get my life back together. It was a constant factor in the success of reaching my goals and was great motivation while finding and figuring out the person I was and the person I wanted to be. It is now a great part of my life and brings true joy to my everyday life. It gives me purpose, hope and reason to keep getting up in the morning and keep striving to be the best I can be.

I started my journey a little over three years ago with a simple love of singing. I was connected with my former mentor/music theory/vocal teacher back in 2011 when I started attending ARTS. I had a one on one vocal and basic music theory class with him and also took an ensemble class he taught. There, I rediscovered my love for guitar I had since age 8 and started learning the basic fundamentals of the instrument. I practiced both singing and playing separately in the ensemble classes and eventually combined them together about a year and a half later and started furthering my knowledge in music by learning more music theory, ear training, and working in the ensembles classes. Now with three years of music behind my belt, I am currently working on improving my songwriting skills, vocals and starting to self teach myself the basics of recording and editing in order to begin the process of recording my music and marketing myself to the world as a musician.