Nadia Nunez

Public Art Manager
Nadia is a creative and innovative architect from Tijuana, Mexico with experience working in both large and small scale construction companies. After obtaining her architect license in Mexico, Nadia continued her studies in San Diego earning a Master of Architecture degree with a focus on urban design and environmental solutions.  During a year-long research project exploring intersection of art and public spaces she developed the idea for a cultural center for Tijuana that creates strong interactions between residents and art in public spaces. At ARTS, Nadia enjoys teaching youth valuable tools for their future through making art, furniture and installations out of recycled and found materials. In her work, Nadia likes to play with colors and forms, and explore diverse mediums from watercolors to wall transformations, often renovating living and work spaces. She currently resides in National City with her 8 year old son, who is a gymnast and an artist.