DeeJay Rich

Teaching Artist (Music)

A musician of the renaissance, Deejay has tested the boundaries of traditional music through genre blending. A self-taught and formally trained guitar player, he concluded at an early age that; “things don’t have to be black and white, it’s the grey area that usually brings the best out of both”.

He has performed around San Diego with various projects of both jazz and indie-rock. An admirer of the technical brilliance in jazz, and the pure emotion of indie-rock music, he’s taken pieces of each and woven them into his compositions. Deejay finds his inspiration from the musical works of John Coltrane to the philosophical writings of Jean Paul Sartre and argues; “philosophy is the gate of understanding, music is the key”.

He continues to experiment with traditional and contemporary techniques through his main disciplines, guitar and composition, while exploring other instruments and ideas in the process.