Alma Zarate

Teaching Artist (Visual Arts)

Alma Zarate was born in Mexico City where she studied Business Administration and earned a Master Degree in Marketing. She is the mother of a son who is very talented in art and music and loves science.

When she decided to come and live in the United States, she received the news that she has an incurable disease. Alma’s son was only 9 years old at the time and since then, she has dedicated her time to loving and supporting his growth while fighting to cure the disease.

Alma had a dream to achieve a profession in this country and learn English well. While she was in treatment, she decided to study art (drawing, sculpture, painting, design) and Child Development in college so that she could work with children.

One day Alma got inspired to give art classes for children. This inspiration came out of volunteer art work (classroom decorations, murals, supporting creative ideas for the teachers, etc.) that she did at her son’s school. Alma’s son and the children who came to her classes showed her love to help her develop and share her artistic talent and value her life.