ARTS is a nationally recognized, multidisciplinary creative youth development agency offering informal and professional creative experiences to build hope, confidence, and 21st Century life-skills among youth facing adversity.

_MG_1983ARTS follows the 10 principles outlined in the groundbreaking report from The Wallace Foundation, “Something To Say.

Our unique, sequential program model of therapeutic arts, arts education, and college & career preparation is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need. The model follows youth long term meeting them “where they are” emotionally, socially, developmentally, and artistically. This provides a one-stop-shop to move from crisis to college or career using the arts and creativity.

By providing youth with a sense of identity and a forum for positive expression, we aim to heal, inspire, and empower youth to affect positive change in their own lives, the communities they live in, and the world.

We accomplish this by investing in what we call the Three Ps: