ARTS realizes that its mission of improving the lives of youth is tied closely to improving the quality of life in communities where youth live.

Toward this goal ARTS, in partnership with The San Diego Foundation, has become the anchor institution leading the three-year Creating Vibrant Neighborhoods Initiative to transform National City and selected South County communities into cultural destinations.

Butterfly Park
National City (2013)

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Manzanita Gathering Place
City Heights (2013)

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Borderfield State Park (2014)

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Stormwater Educational Artwall National City (2015)
Lafayette Elementary School (2014)

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Howard Pence Elementary School (2011)
McKinley Elementary School (2010)
Senior Center & Nutrition Center Mosaic Benches (2014)
Casa De Salud (2015)
Bike Rack (2014-2015)

ARTS is partnering with National City, The San Diego Foundation, the Pomegranate Center and a host of other public and private agencies to implement the Initiative, which will result in the creation of 30 signature projects over 3 years involving 60 artists and 100+ ARTS high school youth apprentices.

Through these apprenticeships, ARTS Empower youth will work with professional artists, designers, landscapers, performers and composers to create 10 public works of art each year, including two community gathering places.  Projects will vary in size and scope, but all will utilize the Pomegranate Center methodology, which is nationally recognized as a leader in community building to make neighborhoods more livable, sustainable, just and socially engaged.

Creating Vibrant Neighborhoods projects may include 3-dimensional works of art, multi-media, performances and events, functional and aesthetic public art, and gathering places. Projects will transform underutilized and blighted areas into welcoming, inspiring public places to improve livability, health and safety.

We are grateful to the following founding donors of the Creating Vibrant Neighborhoods Initiative: National City, The San Diego Foundation, The Pomegranate Center, The Orca Fund at The San Diego Foundation, the Lily Lai Foundation, The Robert T. Keeler Foundation, and Bank of America.

Interested in commissioning ARTS to undertake a public art project?
Please contact Emma Chammah at 619.297.2787 x2016 or for more information.